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[Hello. My name is charisse. I have been using Young Living every day since October of 2014. I swear it saved my life.

In August of 2014 I became seriously ill.  I couldn't breathe, had not energy, no voice, a server caugh and a few other issues. Between August and the beginning of October I had been to the drs every week for check ups and tests as well as missing a full month of work and then being placed on part time disabity as I could not work a full day without being down again for three. The tests the Drs did were from blood work of course to nuclear lung test and a full cardio work up including a nuclear echocardiogram. And all tests came out normal. The Drs and I were frustrated and stumped. I started working with a lung specialist and then Chantell called and said she heard I was sick and had something for me. She came by that evening and used three simple essential oils on me peppermint thieves and one other I am sorry to say I don't remember. She left me a sample of the thieves and peppermint and I am not lieing.... By the third day I was back at work full days had my energy starting to come back and had my voice back. I was hooked. I now use peppermint anytime I am starting to feel icky and thieves has become an everyday use not only for my personal use but it also has helped my family as I clean with it too.   My husband was sick over the holidays couldn't stop coughing and was congested so I used the same two on him and the next day he asked for more of my "hippy juice" because he slept all night and woke up feeling better.   I am thankful for the blessing Chantell shared with me and recommend this product to everyone I come across.

Thank you for hearing my story. I hope it inspires you to try it and change your life too

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